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Ceremonial celebration of Officer Cadet Day

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On Thursday, November 24, cadets of the Polish Naval Academy took over the authority of the Academy.

In addition to the heroes - cadets, the entire PNA staff and invited guests participated in the Cadet Day ceremony, including: Jakub MYKOWSKI, director of the Military Education Department of the Ministry of National Defence, Rear Admiral Mirosław JURKOWLANIEC, commander of the 3rd Ship Flotilla, representatives of parliamentarians, local government authorities. All were welcomed by the Rector-Commandant Prof. Tomasz Szubrycht.

The letter from the Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, was read by the director of the Department of Military Education of the Ministry of National Defence, Jakub MYKOWSKI.

During the ceremony, the best military students were honored for their achievements in science, sports, social activities and for representing the Academy with dignity. Moreover, in order to properly commemorate the 192nd anniversary of the outbreak of the November Uprising and the celebration of Cadet Day related to this historic event, in accordance with the order of the Rector-Commandant, cadets were designated to perform honorary functions and to perform Honorary Internal Service on November 24 and 25, 2022.

During the celebrations, the services were briefed and the honorary internal service was sworn in, and the guards were changed at the honorary post in front of the Monument to the Patrons of the Polish Army.

On November 29, 1830, a group of cadets from the Warsaw Infantry Cadet School led by 2nd Lieutenant Piotr Wysocki started the insurrectionary action with an attack on the Belvedere Palace - the seat of the Russian commander of the Polish Army, Grand Duke Constantine. This attack started the uprising that went down in our history as the November Uprising. When it was not possible to get the entire Polish army out of the barracks as planned, Piotr Wysocki, at the head of the cadets, broke through to the Old Town, where, with the help of craftsmen, he took over the Arsenal. During that night and the next day, the armed population of Warsaw and some of the Polish troops who sided with the conspirators took over the capital.

To commemorate this event during the Second Polish Republic, this day was established as Cadet Day. Since then, it has been solemnly celebrated by all students of military academies.



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