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After almost 2 months at sea , on Saturday, August 7th ORP “Wodnik” got back to the home port. The crew was Polish, Qatari and Kuwaiti midshipmen and it was a first such long sea journey for all of them.  They sailed several thousand sea miles at sea and ocean (the Baltic Sea – the North Sea – the Atlantic Ocean – the English Canal – the Baltic Sea), visited several foreign ports (Funchal-Portugal: Funchal; the United States: Miami and New York; Canada: Halifax) but-most of all-practiced difficult marine craft.  


Polish and Qatari cadets from the Faculty of Navigation and Naval Weapons had the opportunity to use in practice the knowledge from navigation and astronavigation courses. They also practiced watch and non-watch training gaining knowledge about sea navigation, astronavigation, ship navigational instruments, radio navigation, meteorology, oceanography and naval ship knowledge.


Polish and Kuwaiti cadets from Faculty of Mechanical and  Electrical Engineering – future naval ship`s mechanics – did  the specialistic practice. They learned different  naval ship`s devices: the documentation and service. They also were a part of a watch in marine power plants. They also learned some issues connected with a naval ship command and control.


Also, during the voyage, cadets took life-saving training and Polish midshipmen - according to a long tradition -  were “baptized at sea”.