Wednesday, 18 October 2023 11:05

"I, a soldier of the Polish Army, swear..."

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On October 2, 2022, almost 1,500 soldiers of voluntary military service starting studies at the Military University of Technology, the Land Forces Academy, the Military Aviation Academy and the PolishNaval Academy took the oath on the parade square of the Military University of Technology. A total of almost 1,800 people will start military studies in the first year. Some of them took the oath before being admitted to their chosen university. The ceremony was attended by rectors-commandants of military academies, representatives of the clergy and state institutions, and numerous parents and relatives of soldiers.

"Cadet officers, soldiers of the Polish Army, thank you very much for deciding to join the Polish Army and for taking up the challenge to become officers. It is a great distinction, a great honor, but also a great responsibility for subordinates. You will certainly face challenges, but I am confident that you will meet these challenges," said Mariusz Błaszczak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense, who was present at the ceremony and addressed the cadets taking the oath.

The Inspector of the Navy, Vice Admiral Jarosław Ziemiański, and the Rector-Commandant of the Polish Naval Academy, Rear Admiral, Prof. Ph.D. Tomasz Szubrycht expressed warm wishes to the cadets and their families, emphasizing the importance of such an important day and the essence of a new chapter in the life of every soldier.