Tuesday, 04 December 2018 08:06

Celebration of the Midshipmen's Day and 100 years of the Polish Navy

At 5 pm on Thursday of 29 November the solemn appeal on the November Uprising anniversary took place starting the academic celebrations of the Cadet`s Day. During the ceremony, cadets of the Academy took over symbolic command of the Academy. The Honourable Rector-Commandant function performed cadet  Mateusz Sobolewski as well as other commanding positions ran by other cadets.

The Cadet`s Day was extraordinary this year as it falls in the 100 years of Polish Navy establishment.

The appeal began with the report to the Polish Navy Inspector. Foreign delegations took part from in the ceremony as from Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Holland.

During the ceremony the best cadets were distinguished for achievements in science, sport, the social activity and stately representing Polish Naval Academy.

During the celebration the sentry was set under the monument of the Westerplatte Heroes and flowers layed.

Moreover Cadets delegation lighted ever-burning fires near Boards commemorating cadets killed and murdered during November Uprising in 1830.

Also cadets put out honourable watch and also took over the tasks of the officer on duty.

Earlier this day the contest of knowledge „100 years of the Polish Navy within 100 years of Independence” took place.

The celebration was continued on Friday, November 30th with state flag rising and the meeting with the honourable personnel of the school battalion and the Rector-Commandant. Later on sport contests  began in categories: gear relay, reticular ball, the tournament of throws to the basket, fight on boom and tug-of-war. The culmination of the celebrations was traditional Cadet`s Ball.